Megaphone Agency – Putting the Artist First

Mega|ˈme-gə| :great :large  ◊  Phone|ˈfōn| :sound

It’s no secret what we do here at Megaphone Agency. Boldly stated in our name is the idea of giving our artists a platform to be heard and bringing their music to venues and fans all over. We are truly passionate about the music and creative process of our artists and are relentlessly motivated to help them build lucrative and lasting careers in the live performance realm of the music industry. For us, this begins with putting the artist first.

We see our clients as business partners that we can form strong, mutually beneficial relationships with. Transparency and trust are an integral part of these relationships, which is why we believe in establishing open and honest lines of communication with all of the artists we work with. We spend time listening to and understanding the goals of our clients, which remain at the forefront of our decision making and booking process. By leveraging our experience and connections in the industry, we aim to make the biggest impact possible for our clients and to continuously exceed their expectations. We understand that it’s all about the music, and music is better live!

For booking inquiries, please contact us at 312.775.2353 or fill out a booking request form on our website.