When Should You Hire a Booking Agent?

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Every artist goes through phases of their career as they evolve and mature over time. No matter how famous an artist becomes, they all started out somewhere. In the early days, a lot of bands book their own shows until it becomes necessary to seek out an agent or when an agent finds them. For serious artists, hiring a booking agent can be a big step in launching their music career to the next level. If you are wondering when you should get a booking agent, here are some things to consider:


Have You Perfected Your Live Show?

Being a professional musician means having the ability to captivate and entertain people. Much like public speaking, the only way to practice those skills is to go out and perform in front of a crowd. Most agents will not even consider working with you unless you have proven yourself as a live performer. You have to be good enough that people will want to pay their hard-earned money to see you play. Being a great performer is a vital skill that every serious artists should have. An agent will have to sell your skills to talent buyers and promoters, so you must create a product that is worth buying. Once you have mastered the art of performance and can draw a crowd at your shows, you will be much more attractive to agents and other industry professionals.

Are You Ready to Turn Your Craft Into a Career?

Some artists have the notion that all they need is a “lucky break” to catapult them to success without putting in the hard work first. That is not the right mindset to have. Most big-name artists became successful because they had a solid team behind them, and they earned their place in the spotlight.

If you are truly serious about your music, everyone around you will be too. You should start treating your band like a business. This is the point when your music becomes more than just a hobby – it becomes a career! When you reach this stage as an artist, hiring a booking agent will be very important. An agent can offer stability by creating more regular work, help increase earnings through better negotiations, provide credibility by professional representation, and ultimately help shape an artist’s career. The benefits of hiring an agent should not be underestimated.

Do You Need a Booking Specialist?

Agents are professionals that specialize in booking performance engagements for artists. That means they will be dedicated full time to finding the best opportunities for their clients. You focus on the music, let your manager focus on the business, and let your agent do what they do best – that is booking shows.

If you fell off the stage and broke your leg, would you try to patch it up yourself? Of course not! You would go to a doctor who specializes in treating your injury and get it taken care of. The same reasoning should apply when it comes to booking performances. In many states, booking agents actually need to be licensed in order to legally work as an agent. If you want to play professional shows and tours, find someone who specializes in that line of work. A good agent should be a key player on your team and will help you progress in your career with bigger and better opportunities.


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  1. My brother is in a rock band and they are trying to find ways to get more gigs, so hiring a booking agent is something they are thinking about doing. You make a great point that a booking agent will work full-time to find the best opportunities for my sister. This way, my brother and his band could focus solely on their music and leave finding shows to play for the booking agent. I will make sure to share these benefits with my brother!

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