Ness Heads


"The voice of Chicago artist Ness Heads has a soft malleability. Sometimes, it's almost as if she's singing and rapping at the same time, inhabiting space between the two. And while she hasn't exhibited a wide range as a singer, she's not here for that; she's here to construct a vibe." - Tara Mahadevan, DJ Booth

Ness Heads is originally from Chicago where she grew up and launched her career in music. She started to build a name for herself organically as her artistic ability grew, eventually drawing attention from publications such as Lyrical Lemonade, NPR, and DJ Booth. During the pandemic, she made a move out to Los Angeles where she is currently living and writing the next chapter of her musical career. Ness Heads' brand of hip-hop music is just as unique as she is - a queer, Latinx woman creating some incredible sounds that are dark while at the same time energizing and relatable.